1. fabuloso's Avatar
    I am noticing that my wifi icon isnt even appearing solid anymore, though I am still connected to my router. Hotspot browser works fine, still being connected through my home wifi, but I can't figure this out. When I open up the Manage Connections menu, all I see if the green check mark next to 3G and the "-" icon for WiFi. Weird.

    Anyone having this issue, or has been able to configure to get the Wi-Fi icon to appear solid again?

    I am about to reinstall .282 again and see if that works.


    07-04-09 09:44 PM
  2. crysis63's Avatar
    ok when i did my first ugrade of my bold to .247 it did the same thing, but it could still connect to the internet although it was not solid, but after time of usage of about 3 weeks it became solid on its own and the green tick beside it, but maybe its the OS, i dont change from .247 because there is no problem with it whatsoever, but do the reinstall and see what happens.
    07-04-09 09:53 PM
  3. Spazmogen's Avatar
    As long as its working, you have nothing to worry about.

    I had the same issue until I updated to .282 software for the Bold.

    If it gets weird: use JL_CMDR to wipe the Bold and install the .282 software again.
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    07-04-09 10:17 PM
  4. anon(1026481)'s Avatar
    I believe a solid white icon means it is connected to BIS/BES through the WiFI and not the mobile data connection. Try resending your service books (something you should always do after an upgrade) to get the correct routing in place.
    07-04-09 10:23 PM
  5. SummersLastNight's Avatar
    mine is fine.
    07-04-09 10:27 PM
  6. fabuloso's Avatar
    I got it to work. I did a backup of my stuff, wiped the device, and restored. No need to downgrade or anything. Everything is working now, so all I have to do is reorganize my icons and get my 3rd party apps back.
    07-04-09 10:32 PM
  7. cal2okl's Avatar
    I have been having issues for the past two days. Mine keeps going in/out and I am not getting emails, my calls are dropping and I've just been having several issues.
    07-05-09 01:49 AM
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    I would send you a PM for this Fabuloso, but because of my post count I cannot send PM's. What theme is that, it looks great?
    07-05-09 02:01 AM
  9. cal2okl's Avatar
    how do I wipe my bold and reinstall?
    07-05-09 02:03 AM
  10. taylorabrown's Avatar
    how do I wipe my bold and reinstall?
    I don't really know, but if you are wanting to wipe and reinstall I found this post from someone that was helping another person with your question.
    07-05-09 02:10 AM
  11. fabuloso's Avatar
    Wiping the device is simple as Pie or selling it on Ebay to get a Sidekick, lmao.

    Options - Security Options - and press the BlackBerry logo and chose Wipe Handheld. If it asks to wipe all 3rd party apps, you can say yes or no. It wipes the handheld clean, and then perform your restore from there.

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    07-05-09 02:30 AM
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    Hey Fabuloso, did you see my question up there about your theme?
    07-05-09 02:34 AM
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    Right. I was looking for the link.

    Storm Precision for Bold

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    07-05-09 02:41 AM
  14. taylorabrown's Avatar
    Right. I was looking for the link.

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    Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate it! (Also thanks for all the wallpaper images, you choose really great ones!)
    07-05-09 02:42 AM
  15. fabuloso's Avatar
    Your welcome!

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    07-05-09 02:44 AM