1. glendsouza's Avatar
    Ok Peeps,

    Ive basically tried all the OS Updates for 126 to 282. The problem that i have is my Bold radamly restarts everytime i put it set the network to 3G or 2G. Is there a problem with the device or with the mobile operator? If i keep it at 2G its like the best baby i ever had doesnt restart and no problems with it whatsoever. Cant figure out y it gives me so much problem on 3G.

    Any advice guys m gals?

    07-27-09 04:37 AM
  2. thekrishna's Avatar
    thats gotta be a phone os issue. Set it to 2g and load .282 and see if that fixes ur issue
    07-27-09 04:42 AM
  3. glendsouza's Avatar
    Works like a baby when i set it to 2G and on any OS. Currently i am on 282. But i wanted the extra speed on 3G networks. Any advice?
    07-27-09 04:45 AM
  4. boostnek9's Avatar
    does your phone reboot as soon as you set it to 3g?
    07-27-09 04:51 AM
  5. glendsouza's Avatar
    Nope not immediately after any ramdom time but eventually it will atleast like 3 times a day
    07-27-09 04:57 AM