1. UFdlim's Avatar

    So when the PayPal 30% off came around, I started hunting for Bold deals. I found this guy, selling for $550 USD. Although he only had 10 feedback, they were all positive. So I jumped at the chance.

    If I bought from AT&T, $299 + tax here in the States comes out to ~320 dollars.

    Auction comes out to $385 after cashback. For ~60 dollars more (+ unlock needed), I can be off contract. Unless AT&T comes out at $199, I'd call this a win.
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    10-11-08 11:36 PM
  2. JerseyMarine's Avatar
    good luck...hope its for real
    10-12-08 12:14 AM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    Good stuff, but I believe it's going to be $249.99. This is a feeling, not inside info working for AT&T.

    I should have asked the RIM reps that came in to show & raffle the new AT&T branded bold.
    10-12-08 12:23 AM
  4. CipherDias's Avatar
    I WOULD LOVE to get a Bold but am gonna wait till I am eligible for a T-MO UK upgrade in six months cause then I will be able to get it dirt cheap! Got my Curve for 0!
    10-12-08 04:40 AM