1. anon(1257506)'s Avatar
    Wandered into a Source store and saw their Bold display price.
    They don't have any yet, but the sales guy said the prices came down for 'new' customers already.
    Only 299.99!
    Part of The Source's in-store promo for all cell phones.
    Curves for free and pearls for free too.
    3 year activation, minimum $45 voice and data total.

    Guess we just gotta wait for them to arrive...
    Hope it's before the 31st =/
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    08-21-08 05:59 PM
  2. prince_1308's Avatar
    What is this for all source stores in canada
    08-21-08 06:14 PM
  3. anon(1257506)'s Avatar
    I would assume so.
    I think they might have different prices for phones in different places though. I don't really know.
    This one was in the GTA.
    The guy called me and said that they've recieved shipping confirmation on a couple bolds coming to the store, and one is held for me, should be there in the next 2 business days, so tomorrow or monday.

    I'm gonna have to pay 649 for mine it seems, but I'm still stoked!
    08-21-08 06:21 PM
  4. prince_1308's Avatar
    aiight thx for the info i can cough up 299 for 3 years
    08-21-08 06:27 PM
  5. tacsniper's Avatar
    ya $299 is more reasonable for 3 yrs contract
    08-21-08 06:30 PM
  6. vx1's Avatar
    you need a vision plan to get 299
    08-21-08 07:31 PM
  7. SurrealCivic's Avatar
    what is the point of a vision plan on a blackberry? especially with the $30 6GB plan? maybe the source is not forcing people to get a vision plan but just any data plan.
    08-21-08 07:56 PM
  8. Telly's Avatar
    Yeah, but is AFTER a $100 IN-STORE credit, so either way you still have to fork out $399.
    08-21-08 08:27 PM
  9. ilyo's Avatar
    In store credit simply means a Source only credit..right? No mention of mail rebate...so should be instant should it not?
    08-21-08 08:56 PM
  10. tacsniper's Avatar
    in store credit means, when you check out at the counter, they will give you an instand $100 off the $399.
    08-21-08 09:56 PM
  11. sdiddy's Avatar
    Damn the bold looks gigantic when looking at those pics, having second thoughts.... lol
    08-21-08 11:03 PM
  12. anon(1257506)'s Avatar
    No vision plan required. You can't do vision on blackberrys
    $100 in store credit means you only pay 299 at the till.
    08-22-08 01:16 PM
  13. timsmish's Avatar
    08-22-08 01:23 PM
  14. prince_1308's Avatar
    just checked the source store at lawrence square in toronto and a rogers wireless store at yorkdale mall none of them had any and plus the source showed that there was no credit for the bold so 399.99 was the price
    08-22-08 01:42 PM
  15. Werckmeister's Avatar
    Yup I called a bunch of The Source stores and they all said it's $399. Which store told you it's $299?
    08-22-08 01:58 PM
  16. avmsam's Avatar
    yeah same here. all the stores near me said $399 and they haven't heard of any in store $100 credit.

    by the way.. i am in toronto

    do me a favor and tell me which store u took ur pics at. the reason i ask if because when i called the stores here in toronto, one of them said if if i can let them know which one is doing it for $299 and they can verify it, they will match it.
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    08-22-08 02:24 PM
  17. m.km's Avatar
    Too bad none of the source stores around here even have them in yet.
    08-22-08 05:23 PM
  18. prince_1308's Avatar
    dufferin mall is getting a couple and another one is getting one
    08-22-08 05:44 PM