1. lambrosio's Avatar
    as anyone used the bodyguardz protective skin for the 9900/9930?

    i want to protect my BB but i dont like bulky cases....

    does this skin really protect the phone from floor falls?

    wich one is of the skins are the best ?the wet apply or the dry??

    08-31-11 05:39 PM
  2. DawgMan's Avatar
    I believe they are very similar to the Zagg Invisishield and offer only protections from scratches but will not protect your BB from a fall. If you're looking for added protection from falls you may want to invest in a case. I'm not a rep, but I just bought an Otterbox Defender case. Comes with device case, screen protector and holster with belt clip and magnet to put the berry into sleep mode. I love the sleek profile of the 9900/9930 but I want to protect my investment.
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    08-31-11 05:50 PM