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    one of the VPs at my job has a bb Bold, and he's saying that he's having issues with the bluetooth on the phone. he was able to solve it before by pulling out the battery, then restarting everything, but now that solution doesnt even resolve the problem. i've looked at his phone and the bluetooth settings, and there's nothing in there that should be causing this issue. i've even looked on the bb site for a solution, but its not helpful and i cant even find the Tech Support number to call.

    does anyone know what might be causing this or anyway to possibly resolve this issue?
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    07-06-09 12:38 PM
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    What is the problem? Is it not connecting? Not turning on at all?
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    its not turning on at all. sorry if i wasnt clear before. the wifi turns on just fine, and so does the mobile network connectivity, but when its time to turn on the bluetooth, it will not start....
    07-06-09 02:00 PM