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    hey guys, first post here, and a noob to the black berry range, figuring new things out day by day, and am in love the device, brilliant piece of engineering, Go Canadians!, finally something done right!

    anyways ill get to it. im running an apple MBP with 10.5(leopard) and i have a BB Bold. i have paired the two up and have both gotten trusted from either end. the issue is that when i try and send either an .mp3 or .jpeg file, using the media bluetooth receive function on the BB, it starts but a split second later, it says file transfer error or something like that. i can send files from my BB to the mac, but cant do it the other way round. i have googled the issue and found ways to fix this, but it still happens, any reason why?

    mabe this will help in solving the question, i havnt gotten my self a memory card yet, but still have 800+Mb left on my BB, so i figured it would still send at least one song or picture.

    any help would be appreciated, and again im a BB noob, so if you are going to explain a procedure, could i ask you do it sparingly please?

    thank a heap in advance.
    07-28-09 12:08 PM