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    Hi, this is my first post. I have a VZW BB 9560 that I just updated to OS 6.0. Now the phone will not always pair with my vehicle when I get in the car and I am unable to manually connect to the car bluetooth. When I try, I get the message "connection to Land Rover Failed". Before the upgrade I had no problems with the phone connecting to the vehicle. I have encryption turned off and the device on "trusted" status. Has anyone else had this problem? What am I missing? Thanks.
    02-01-11 05:22 PM
  2. odom41's Avatar
    I have the same problem. I am not able to connect to my Range Rover and I get the same message. Two CSRs at my local Verizon store could not fix the problem. Since I travel a lot, I moved back to V5. Will stay with V5 until this is resolved or someone tells me how to resolve it.
    02-01-11 08:20 PM
  3. Betmen's Avatar
    What year Range Rover
    02-01-11 09:04 PM
  4. Betmen's Avatar
    Its a problem with certain Range Rovers. I have a 2010
    no problem pairing my friend has a 2010 as well his 9650 won't
    pair he replaced the phone twice it won't pair. Conclusion its the
    cars software.. Freaky but true
    02-01-11 09:08 PM
  5. linklaw's Avatar
    Mine is a 2006. I guess if I want to use the bluetooth, I will have to go back to version 5 operating system. How does one do that?
    02-01-11 09:58 PM
  6. odom41's Avatar
    Mine is a 2007 .
    02-01-11 11:10 PM
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    I just upgraded VZW BB 9780 to OS 6 and now pairs but fails to connect to my 2008 Range Rover. OS 6 works fine on Prius and 911. Is it a problem with RR or BB OS 6? OS 5 worked and iPhone works on RR. Help.
    02-01-11 11:13 PM
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    I have a 2008 Range Rover Sport HSE and never had any issues pairing my Torch with OS 6 to the vehicle. I switched to an AT&T branded 9780 also on OS 6 and it would pair every time with problems. Now I have a factory unlocked, unbranded 9780 also on OS 6 and have attempted to pair it. I follow the standard method, enter the 2121 code and get a message indicating "Connection to Land Rover Failed". Now...occasionally it will connect but not every time as the other two devices would. I've searched various Land/Range Rover forums and cannot locate a solution.
    I have even done a selective restore of Bluetooth settings from each of the other two devices hoping that would solve the issue but still no luck.

    Is there a registry on the Range Rover that could be cleared? According to the owners manual only 8 devices can be paired to the car itself. The owners manual says nothing about any registry of stored bluetooth settings. Is it possible that I have exceeded that and this is the cause? Any ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated.
    02-02-11 05:44 PM
  9. linklaw's Avatar
    I backdated my phone to OS 5 today. After the backdate I got in the range rover and the phone paired automatically. I did not even have to enter the vehicle code. This leads me to believe the problem is with the version of Bluetooth on the phone. It apparently is not compatible with the RR. I am not aware of a limit to the number of Bluetooth devices able to be paired with the RR but if there is a limit couldn't you just delete the pairing on the device and it would be deleted from the RR?

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    02-02-11 07:18 PM
  10. isearchable's Avatar
    I have a 2006 LR3 HSE. Just upgraded to OS I am also experiencing the same problem. I do like os6 so I don't want to go back. If somebody uncovers a solution or workaround, kindly post it here.
    02-08-11 12:56 PM
  11. tommyboyx55's Avatar
    Same Problem with my 08 RR Sport HSE... I have a VZW BB 9630. Ever since I updated my OS to 6.0, I've been having issues such as, "PHONE NOT FITTED" Etc.
    I actually took it to the dealer to get it checked out, at no avail. Called Verizon techs and got no where.
    02-08-11 09:44 PM
  12. AlmaX's Avatar
    I have an 07 LR3 and found that if you catch the car in the right moment it will pair most of the time. What I found is that if from the time you unlock your car and you turn the key on more than 20sec have passed connection will fail and no reconnect possible. If you wait les than 5 sec to turn key on Connection will fail, so the window is between 5 and 20 sec ... and the phone needs to be unlocked and the bluetooth needs to be enabled... a bit of work but have gotten it to work most of the time. Definately something changed in the bluetooth cod for os6.

    I drive a lot and do KNOW what a pain this can be...

    Hope this helps for now until RIM fixes.
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    02-09-11 12:48 AM
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    I had the same problem with a 2011 Grand Cherokee. It would sync and make the call and after the first ring it would say call completed. I had to go back to version 5 and it works just like always.
    02-24-11 03:01 PM
  14. badhabit_wb's Avatar
    i've been having trouble too. i have a kenwood dnx-6960. the next to last leak .446 seems to work best so far,give it a try it might just help.
    02-24-11 06:16 PM
  15. BeemerMan's Avatar
    I have a 2006 Range Rover Sport that paired with a Blackberry Bold with OS 6 fine until I took it in for service and then I started having the same issues as the earlier post. I have dealt with Land Rover and they have no solution, so my recommendation is to downgrade to version 5.0 which works fine with my Range Rover Sport. You can downgrade by going to the blackberry site and going to apps & software and selecting Blackberry Device Software 5.0.
    03-06-11 08:10 PM
  16. onyx4's Avatar
    I have the same problem with my 2006 LR3 and a new 9800 Torch running 6.0 Bundle 2342 (AT&T). Before I had a 8800 running 4.5 and it was connecting perfectly. I tried most of the options under the bluetooth options and device properties, and it only connects on a few random occasions, most times it will simply say "fail to connect".

    I tried disabling the contact transfer, turning encryption on/off, etc.

    It seems that making the BB discoverable helps, but there is some compatibility issue, I hope it can be fixed on the OS side as we can't really change the software on the LR3 side. Keep us posted if anyone finds a fix.

    I think this would need to get escalated to RIM directly so that they can file a bug and provide a software fix.
    04-28-11 07:02 PM
  17. isearchable's Avatar
    I have been struggling with this since my upgrade to OS6 with my LR3. I have stubbornly tried every possibility and have refused to downgrade to OS5... Although this experience is making the Android/IPhone jump more of a possibility but that's another story.

    Now for the workaround. I am currently on which refuses to generally pair. By accident, I found that when I rebooted my BB, the next time I got in the car, it paired promptly. So I've started making this a habit especially overnight. I turned on the Auto-Off/Auto-On feature so when I wake up in the morning, my phone is on and I get in the car and pair well for my commute to work. I'm also trying to do this some time during the day so I can pair for my commute back home as well. My Hit/Miss ratio is about 90/10%.

    I know it's not a fix, but a band-aid solution to an underlying problem with BB and some bluetooth systems. BTW, a soft-boot is all I do (which doesn't take long) as opposed to a battery pull.

    Hope this helps others...
    05-06-11 01:12 PM
  18. LandRoverwinkel's Avatar
    Same here... I can use my Blackberry 9700 w/OS5 in the LR3 or Range Rover Sport without any problems.

    When I upgrade to OS/6, pairing seems to be very hard...

    I think it has something to do with the (new) map options in OS6. In OS6 it is possible to send out a sound with every message you receive over bluetooth. As soon as there is a new message (or data-connection) I loose the pairing.

    Again, in OS5 it all works fine.

    Where can I send my fines to for not making handsfree-calls when I drive in combination with my OS6-blackberry?
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    05-14-11 09:41 AM
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    Lr3 2008, BB 9800, and same stupid problem.

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    05-18-11 09:44 AM
  20. onyx4's Avatar
    I also found that if I rebooted my phone, the first time after a fresh reboot it would pair just fine with the LR3. I'm going to try the auto on/off scheduled at night time and see if that helps. Not a pretty solution, but better than nothing. Based on fact that the phone pairs fine after a reboot, it seems that the phone caches something or reacts differently the 2nd time it pairs with the LR3.

    There's a new leaked OS for the Torch announced on the home page of crackberry, if anyone is brave enough to try it, please report your success here.

    I tested with a 2010 LR2 this week and it's working just fine, altough the LR2 works differently where it's the car that connects to the phone and not the other way around and I'm sure it has a much newer or completely different bluetooth system.

    Let's hope there's a fix soon...
    06-02-11 06:13 AM
  21. onyx4's Avatar
    Has anyone tried the new OS version which is provided on the att download site for the 9800? I was wondering if the bluetooth behavior had changed.
    08-16-11 05:10 PM