1. Matt Beyea's Avatar
    Hi there, hoping someone can help me out with this. Bold 9900,..... have had this phone for nearly a year and love it. However just in the last few days my blue LED light keeps flashing when my car(which I have it synced with) is no where around.... Looking closer at it, what happens on my "manage connections" page, is that the booth tooth actually says "connected" for a second, then reverts to just "on"....this is when my blue LED flashes once. This cycle repeats about every 20 seconds or so.....frustrating ! I have tried the battery pull twice with no change or luck.
    Anyone else have any other suggestions ?
    05-27-13 08:08 PM
  2. 93Aero's Avatar
    It's possibly someone has the same default bluetooth connect code you have ( possibly factory set to 0000 ) is all that comes to mind.
    05-27-13 10:22 PM
  3. Matt Beyea's Avatar
    Yeah that would be a possibility if it happened in one location, but this happens anywhere now. Even after a good 4 or 5 reboots/battery pulls. Only thing I can do is turn off Bluetooth when I'm not using it. It just stinks cause it was so nice to not have to think about it every time I turn on my car with built in Bluetooth. Of course now I get calls when driving and realize I forgot to turn it back on with my phone. Aarrrgghhh! Haha
    05-30-13 12:19 AM

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