1. drizzy5oh's Avatar
    Had my 9900 for a few days now and everything works fine except...

    When I'm in a call, the screen goes completely blank/black! I can hear the speakers completely fine, I just can't access any menus, or call options whilst in a call. It doesn't matter what button I press, it won't let me see anything on the screen, until I end the call then the screen comes back on! The keypad buttons work fine, I can press keys when prompted during calls, I just can't see a thing! Adjusting contrast/brightness doesn't help!
    12-22-11 02:44 PM
  2. albee 1's Avatar
    This has been mentioned in other posts. It has to do with the proximity sensor not waking back up. I am fairly certain reloading the Os solves the problem. If you aren't up to it take it to your local carrier. They will exchange it for a new one. Best of luck.

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    12-22-11 02:48 PM
  3. drizzy5oh's Avatar
    It fades out even when the proximity sensor isn't covered i.e. if I'm just holding the phone in front of me, with nothing blocking it...it'll fade to black after a few seconds and I wont be able to turn it back on til I end the call. As a complete noob to BB, any links to reloading the OS? Would resetting the phone to factory settings help at all?
    12-22-11 02:54 PM
  4. drizzy5oh's Avatar
    Anyone? Link to how to reload OS -OR- any solutions to this problem??
    12-22-11 03:08 PM
  5. wiggleberry's Avatar
    I have reloaded the software it didn't help.
    01-25-12 08:28 PM
  6. albee 1's Avatar
    Did you ever resolve your problem. I forgot to ask when the last time you rebooted or did a battery pull. Either will usually correct minor glitches that suddenly appear. Hope things are better! Let us know how it worked out.
    01-25-12 11:06 PM
  7. jordan559's Avatar
    I have reloaded the software it didn't help.
    I use to have the same issue from time to time on verizons older OS but since I upgraded to verizons it hasn't come back. On the older version when it happened if u just hit the $ key it will bring the display back and the call stays connected. When u hit the key it also activates the speaker so if u don't want tht just turn it back off. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    01-26-12 12:31 AM
  8. Gabor Szendroi's Avatar

    How did you solve this issue of yours?

    I also have the same problem.


    01-11-14 04:20 AM