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    I woke up this morning to my Bold 9000 being switched off and not wanting to turn on. Brought the phone in and bought a new battery that had a partial charge on it. But when I got home I realized that no matter what charger I used (2 wall - on two separate wall outlets - , 1 car charger and a USB port charger on my laptop my battery won't charge.

    I have taken the new battery out and put it back in (by now it's down to one bar on the battery charge indicator on my main screen with the little lightning bolt on it) and only then do I get a solid red light on my light indicator. When I full power off from my main menu the light indicator flashes (all at once) green-yellow-red.

    I am so fried right now that I can't even remember what the light indicators are supposed to be doing when the phone is powered on and when it's off. I don't ever get the battery charge screen as I used to anymore.

    I tried updating my software and am running (1385) thinking it might be a software issue. UGH when it rains it pours because when I use the updater to check for updates the update gets partially done then I get an error that refers to my internet connection and can't complete the installation.

    Help guys. I'm at my wits end. Of course this happens when money is tight and I'm laid off. I can't believe that all my chargers went bad at the exact same time and that even with a new battery I can't get my Bold to charge. Do you think it's a problem with the charger port on my phone and if so how do I determine if that in fact is the case? How expensive is that to fix.

    Frazzled and Blackberryless unless she's anchored to a wall charger praying what's left of the charge on the battery doesn't die..

    07-14-11 02:30 AM
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    You've done a thorough job eliminating possible causes of the problem. Two different wall chargers in two different outlets and two different batteries point to a problem with the charging circuitry in the device. I'd be surprised if you have a software problem. If you turn the phone off, will it charge the battery? If it charges when off but not when on, then you might have a software issue. If the charging performance is the same regardless of the on state, then it's the internal circuitry in the device.

    You can google for BlackBerry repair services, but a 9000 may not be worth the cost of repair.
    07-14-11 06:33 AM
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    I left the phone completely turned off and charging on a wall charger over night and woke up this morning to a dead phone. Seems like it used what little charge the phone had left. I'm off to a trusted authorized ATT dealer that has a great tech at his store to see what he says. I'm holding out to get the new Bold Touch when it comes out (when's the latest news on that now October?) so if fixing it will be costly I'm hoping he can find me an old Bold. Are they still available I wonder? Once again thanks to all of you in Crackberryland for being so great.

    07-14-11 03:15 PM
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    Took my beloved Bold 9000 to the ATT shop I trust. They cleaned it tried a new battery nothing no juice. I was told those flashing lights isn't a good sign. The tech guy is gonna check the circuit board to see if he can figure out what's up and then call me before proceeding but by the look on his face he thinks my phone is a goner. Luckily I have my old Curve that still works to hold me until Blackberry releases the new Bold Touch 9900 which I'm craving even more now. For the techies amongst you I have a backup of my Bold. Do you know if and how I can transfer my contacts, calender apps etc to the Curve?

    07-14-11 10:56 PM
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    Same way you would restore with the Bold. Just use DM and restore to your old Bold backup file. You can either do a full restore, or choose which data you want to move to the Curve.
    07-15-11 01:00 AM
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    I'm good with software and the like but I get a little bumbly when I'm nervous. Is there a how to of how to restore my Bold 9000 to my older Curve device anywhere here on the site or online? Also once I do get my new Bold 9900 can I do yet another restore onto the new Bold? IO love Blackberry phones but I wish using the desktop manager software was more user friendly. I have a hard time even finding my Blackberry files on my laptop.

    Crossing my fingers that they are able to find out what's wrong with my phone and fix it without it costing a mint. I feel so naked without my Blackberry Bold. LOL

    07-15-11 02:12 AM
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    Try this tutorial if all else fails. It worked for me and plenty others with similar problems such as yours. It's fairly easy to do, just take your time and be gentle.
    07-15-11 02:55 AM
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    07-15-11 02:56 AM