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    isnt there a website that lets you see what updates are available and also show you older os's so you can downgrade i've seen it before im gonna look for it just wondering if anyone had the link.

    it is not tronyx site, it was part of blackberry.com i swear that actually scanned your phone and gave options of things to do, both upgrade and downgrade
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    It's in my sig.
    06-23-09 06:11 PM
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    ummm lol ?????
    06-23-09 07:03 PM
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    06-23-09 07:17 PM
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    yea i went there dont see what im looking for
    06-23-09 07:28 PM
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    i know. search!
    06-23-09 07:29 PM
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    i did dont see the what im looking for i looked on blackberry.com too and couldnt find it. i swear it was something on blackberry.com and i had my phone plugged into the computer it saw what was installed and listed what i currently had what was currently the upgrade and it also had a downgrade
    06-23-09 07:32 PM
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    Yeah, you have to actually look through the site. Articles tells you how, and hosted files has everything else.
    06-23-09 07:33 PM
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    I'm pretty sure bt had it right, OP... I found all the OS files here: https://hookedontronyx.com/Operating-Systems.html
    06-23-09 07:35 PM
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    ok i saw that but there was a program not tronyx site that did it i know how to do it like that im not stupid i have proper upgrade and downgrade procedure bookmarked. i am positive it was a website that scanned the phone.
    06-23-09 07:37 PM
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    Check your browser history, then.
    06-23-09 07:38 PM
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    i went here BlackBerry - Update your Device Software

    but unfortunately it only shows upgrades not downgrades.
    06-23-09 07:38 PM
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    lol forget it, i dont save browser history if you dont know the website that i repeat scans your phone then your not helping. i know about tronyx site i just remember seeing something different

    mod please close

    edit: i realized my first post is unclear of what im looking for
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