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    I've since updated to the Q10 from a 9900! I went online at bb.com and initiated the return get a trade in credit sent via cheque. I just returned my blackberry yesterday with the printout canpost waybill. Dose anyone have any experience with this program? I've already upgraded and included my new new imei on the site durng the online process! How long does it take for them to send you a cheque for the returned device!?

    Posted via CB10
    05-22-13 01:51 PM
  2. Nezgar's Avatar
    I used it a couple of years ago when I upgraded from an 8900 to a 9780. I got $100 for it, which I figured was easier than selling it on eBay, where I would have gotten a similar price... But last I checked the 9900 will only get you $75 or so? I think you would likely get more for it on eBay or a local buy&sell site... or maybe just keep it as a backup.

    Also beware that trade-in program took about 2 months before I actually received a cheque...

    I got the Q10 on Rogers Pre-order, but haven't quite moved to it 100% yet, as I'm still waiting for an update to Link to allow it to sync my contacts from my personal PC's Outlook...
    05-22-13 04:44 PM

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