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    Hello All!
    I am absolutely stuck on this issue. I've got 2 phones, one for company use and the other for personal use. The one for personal use is set up fine with a different computer. But the company phone, when ever I sync it straight to lotus notes, it pulls over all of the e-mail setups from my other blackberry along with all of it's contacts. Here are the things I have tried:

    Round 1:
    - Factory Reset
    - Regular Setup with Desktop Manager(most recent version of course) for Lotus Notes
    - Wireless Sync was turned on

    Round 2:
    - Data Wipe
    - Regular Setup with Desktop Manager for Lotus Notes
    - Wireless Sync was turned on

    Round 3:
    - Data Wipe
    - Remove all profiles on Desktop Manager and Delete all backups in folder
    - Regular Setup with Desktop Manager for Lotus Notes
    - Wireless Sync Still turned on

    Round 4:
    - Factory Reset
    - Uninstall and remove all extra files and delete registry for Desktop Manager
    - Re-install Desktop Manager
    - Perform Regular Setup with Desktop manager for Lotus Notes
    - Wireless Sync still on

    Round 5:
    - Factory Reset
    - Removed phone profiles from Desktop Manager
    - Connected the phone, it did a wireless sync with no prompt
    - Disable Wireless Sync
    - Manually wiped all contacts and deleted service books for e-mails
    - Setup Service books under Company Name instead of Desktop
    - Did a Contact ONLY sync with Lotus Notes

    all 400 contacts and 6 e-mails keep appearing on the thing .
    Got any ideas?
    I'm currently trying the previous version of Desktop Manager to see if that'll make a difference. Any help would be appreciated
    This also doesn't include the 20 billion google searches, that led me mostly to this forum haha
    Thank you
    04-16-13 11:40 AM
  2. JJ Losier's Avatar
    I should also mention, user doesn't sign into BBID
    04-16-13 12:56 PM

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