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    My BlackBerry Bold automatically paired with my factory-installed Mazda bluetooth for 2 years, without any problems. I recently removed this stereo and installed an aftermarket one. I deleted "Mazda" from my Bluetooth settings and added my new stereo to my BlackBerry's Bluetooth settings. Despite the stereo and the Blackberry being set to automatically pair, they don't. My BlackBerry continues to search for "Mazda" even though it is no longer listed as a paired device (and I removed the stereo from my car). I can manually pair them, however.

    I am fairly certain if the BlackBerry wasn't searching for my Madza, it might automatically pair with my new stereo's Bluetooth. Do I need to go back to factory settings on my BlackBerry? Any suggestions for this frustrating problem would be most appreciated.
    03-02-13 08:44 PM

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