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    I have a problem with connecting via Blackberry Manager.
    The error message says:

    "Blackberry(R) Desktop Manager failed to start an IP modem session using the connected device:

    The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly.

    Please check your profile settings and make sure your radio is turned on. This service might also have been turned off by your service provider or your administrator."

    I use the basic profile setting :T-Mobile US.


    I forgot to mention; I was able to use this feature on my other laptop (Acer)
    This one is a Dell XPS M1330
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    You might want to check what device is already using your port 3 on your Dell XPS. The default port for modems is port 3 and it appears that another device is already using it.
    06-25-10 08:22 PM
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    Thanks Byor. I was messing around and tried to set up a connection last night, and it didn't work. I went into internet options > connections and deleted those profiles. It now works!

    Earlier, I was getting 3mb/s download and .4 mb/s upload. Awesome!
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