1. crd26a's Avatar
    So using my new bold 9930, I synced my music files using BlackBerry desktop. My music is stored in iTunes, so was expecting it to pull most of the files no problem (except DRM files).

    I have few playlists and have run into a problem. I mainly just use My Top Rated songs from iTunes as my playlist. The issue that I am having is that it has the songs listed, and the songs are on my blackberry (I can click on each one via album or artist, but when it comes to the playlist, it will not recognize most of the songs in the playlist. Of the ~350 songs, its only pulling 12 or 15 of them. So even though I have Metallica Fade to Black as one of my tops, can go to Metallica Ride the Lightening and select it, I cannot access it via the playlist.

    Any ideas / suggestions?
    09-07-11 12:44 PM