1. nik214's Avatar
    So a couple weeks ago I noticed that I was was required sometimes to press the back key twice to back out of something. I had just assumed I was pressing it too lightly, but now I know for sure that I am definitely pressing hard enough. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 times to make it work. I noticed it works a lot better if I press right near the outside of the key(press close to the call button for the blackberry key) Im not sure if something is wrong, seems like the keys are wearing out to me. Any opinions?
    08-09-12 08:10 AM
  2. bdguru's Avatar
    Get the keepboard wet with sweat or any moisture?
    08-09-12 11:14 AM
  3. nik214's Avatar
    Nope. I have been really careful with it.
    08-09-12 12:09 PM
  4. bdguru's Avatar
    This also happpened to me. I just pressed and held the buttons a few time and mine fixed itself. try this with the battery out and see if it helps. if no help I would try and get a replacement. Good luck. GO BOLD.
    08-09-12 01:46 PM
  5. nik214's Avatar
    Thanks I will give it a shot
    08-09-12 05:23 PM
  6. BB-9900's Avatar
    Thanks I will give it a shot

    Hi.. is your 'back' key fine now? I am facing the same problem!
    09-03-12 02:27 AM
  7. balenax's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me, but with a plus, i had R and E unresponsive too. I cleaned the keyboard with alcohol and a cotton bud and now its fine again. I think it was the sweat that got inside, it was a long hot summer here and i'm not really thin , so i sweat a bit more than normal.
    09-03-12 02:45 AM
  8. Mikey_T's Avatar
    I've been experiencing the same issue with the 'back' button only. Started noticing it wasn't always working, and after some experimenting realized that pushing it hard enough to 'click' wasn't always enough to engage the button, but pushing it over hard would work.

    I took my battery out and pressed the button repeatedly and hard, then blew the keyboard out with compressed air. Seems to be working now.
    07-04-13 01:40 PM