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    Hi Everyone:

    How's it going? I've been a long time lurker on this site and I definitely appreciate all the helpful articles that this site has. I'm wondering if any of you could help me with this issue though.

    Last night I upgraded BBM before I went to bed to the latest version. When I woke up, it said that BBM was denied wifi access and was terminated. It wouldn't even let me open it by clicking the BBM icon so I decided to restart my blackberry which turned out to be a very bad idea. After I hit alt shift delete, it kept rebooting nonstop and gives me the following error each time:

    ARM II Page Fault
    ARM 9
    Device Error 244
    Failed Task: RIM VMEM
    Line 0

    So I decided to try app loader as suggested by several topics and the nuked blackberry. However, when I plug it into my computer, it gives me USB-PIN: MyPIN instead of USB-PIN: UNKNOWN. Where MyPIN is my actual PIN. I'm able to hit Next and it asks me for my password which I entered. It's able to complete the following steps:

    Read application configuration
    Read device system configuration

    It's hangs on Read device service information because my blackberry will restart at that point and it starts all over again. In a few of the tries, I'm able to get pass the last step and uninstall certain apps, but it still reboots. It seems like I can access my device during the start up sequence but it reboots immediately after startup is done. Any ideas on how I can fix it?

    10-29-11 06:47 PM
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    Thanks, everyone. I was able to make a breakthrough in the past hour. The trick was having the battery out the whole time for the app loader until the software started loading. Missed that small detail in that article

    Now I appreciate backing up my data at least on a monthly basis. I also have a new found appreciation for Blackberry Protect's back up capabilities.
    10-29-11 08:09 PM
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    Glad to see you fixed the issue, before I saw your 2nd post I was going to suggest yanking the battery.

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    10-29-11 11:36 PM