1. enyahs_shayne09's Avatar
    Hey my fellow Crackberry users!
    well i never realy took a look at the Javelin because i was all about the Bold and Kickstart!
    so i took it upon myself and looked at some pictures of the Javelin and to my suprise it is one sexy BlackBerry to me the BOLD is fugly now compared to the Javelin!!!
    omg i want the Javelin so bad! wish it had 3g.
    its seems to be taller sleeker and have a bigger sceen(just looks that way)
    cant wait to get my hands on one!!!
    hey are there any reviews or anything on the Javelin
    07-22-08 03:21 AM
  2. smughead's Avatar
    Yeah the Javelin is the Curve successor..I would say sod the bold if the javelin was to have 3G but alas, nothing is perfect.
    07-22-08 05:15 AM
  3. enyahs_shayne09's Avatar
    well i jut remebered i live in a rural place outside of Nashville!!!
    which means no 3g coverage!!
    so 3g would just be a battery drainer for me!!
    07-22-08 01:06 PM