08-18-11 10:41 AM
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  1. nutekl's Avatar
    After upgraded to .421 it fix the problem, switching between 3G and Wifi vice versa with no problem. the BIS logo still there while with .415 it will gone and BIS status not connected.
    12-15-09 07:52 PM
  2. danielcj's Avatar
    Are you restoring your 9700 using DM? Try just contacts and calendar but no apps. The reason why I say this is because I went through 2 phones with this issue and it turned out that if I didn't restore using DM it worked like a charm. Some corrupted file was being transfered over and messing up the new phone. When I did a security wipe and restored factory settings, everything worked fine.
    So I ended up manually reentering contacts,etc and the phone has been working great. I also got a new SIM when Tmo and RIM were trying to figure it out. One of the things they had me do was to take out my SIM for a minute to reregister to the network. Worked at first but then stopped working altogether.

    Good luck!
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    12-15-09 08:08 PM
  3. Frenziiman's Avatar
    So i tried wiping my phone and reentering the contacts manually but the same thing happens, so im still looking for an answer.

    BTW, i checked my log file and there is errors logged during the outage time, is there any where to see what they mean?
    12-21-09 03:22 AM
  4. fischkind's Avatar
    Bell is doing this also, if u visit howardforums the bell and telus section has lots of these problems! Just keep making logs to your tickets its bell or rims side! It happens on 3b9700's that I know of all at the same time in diffrent locations! (Towers)

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    12-21-09 06:54 AM
  5. fischkind's Avatar
    Temporary fix, use wifi when ya can!

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    12-21-09 06:54 AM
  6. Frenziiman's Avatar
    I called technical assistance again to get an update, and they now linked it to a "known issue" and the rep said there was no ETA for resolution.
    12-22-09 03:14 PM
  7. kimssure's Avatar
    So i tried wiping my phone and reentering the contacts manually but the same thing happens, so im still looking for an answer.

    BTW, i checked my log file and there is errors logged during the outage time, is there any where to see what they mean?
    Do you think this has anything to do with the network problems Telus is having? Today it took forever for me to receive a BBM. Also noticed that my emails weren't coming through last night. I wonder if there are interruptions in the service while they are working to resolve this? I have a ticket open which they tell me is related to the issues they are trying to fix. Dropped calls, dead spots where I use to have coverage, terrible call quality....
    12-23-09 10:04 PM
  8. Frenziiman's Avatar
    It must. I too have bad call quality and dead spots i never had before. I can't go on reseting my network connection to get data. I also read somewhere it could be the os design, as apparently when the unit isnt used for a while it turns down the antenna.
    My usually shows 3G plus the blackberry button in my room when i go to bed, yet when i wake up somehow is been changed to simply 3G without any data, and according to services status i have no connection to BIS. My biggest frustration is it seems other people dont have the problem, or they dont notice it. I use BBM so frequently that in the AM i never know when o message was sent until i check to make sure i am connected.
    Also - from the main screen if you hold your left alt and press l,g,l,g your logfile should come up. I am willing to bet if you scroll down you will find bold listings that when opened say error or severe error as mine does.
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    12-24-09 04:23 PM
  9. Richardt64's Avatar
    When 3G signal gets weak the BB icon is off. (Tmobile Manual per say)
    12-26-09 02:57 PM
  10. Frenziiman's Avatar
    My signal strength is great in my room, and i dont have any issues messaging or browsing in my room normally. When i go to bed, and wake up in the morning its only on 3G with no data. When i look at the logs, it seems like it happens at the same time as a java and system error are logged on the device. It seems like i have better coverage on the new network, rather than the old one.
    I swapped out the device a while ago when the first unit was experiencing this, but its obvious its not the unit.

    I wonder if the Bell users with the new network are experiencing the same thing, or maybe its something surrounding the cell tower by my place.
    12-28-09 12:57 PM
  11. enchwen's Avatar
    Hi, I am using a Storm 9550 verizon unlocked phone in Asia. For the 1st month, everything is great and am connected to BIS all the time, just a few days ago, I can no longer connect to BIS. I called my network provider several times, and they have activated and deactivated my data plan.. they have no idea what is causing this.. just this afternoon, i called them again and was told by a customer service agent that they are currently aware of this problem. It seems that Bold 2, Storm 1 and 2 as well as BB Tour customers are experiencing this problem as well.. they promised that they can get it fixed before the 10th of Jan.. ...

    seems to be a worldwide problem??
    12-31-09 02:53 AM
  12. littlemissmafia's Avatar
    my 9700 has been down for 3 days now. and after going to o2 and carphone warehouse (shuttling to and fro), they say that all's fine. bills paid, phone's good... but i just can't connect to the 3G network. it displays '3g' at the top right hand corner, without the blackberry logo as well. pfffft, need to send out my new year bbms!!!
    12-31-09 12:39 PM
  13. john85D's Avatar
    I'm over here in the Philippines and have been experiencing the same problem. It actually happens to me even while on EDGE or GPRS. Once the letters of EDGE, GPRS, 3G switch to small letters (edge, gprs, 3g) then I'm off BIS. Switching my network to 2G gives me more consistent connection to the network though. In my experience there are areas where I get connected to BIS and then there are some areas which I can't seem to get connected. My BIS was service was working perfectly in all areas until I had my service reset due to a plan upgrade. On a side note, was just in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia a couple of days ago and 3G was working perfectly over there, so I'm assuming its network related. But what's strange is that I was with a friend with a 9700 as well and we were sitting side by side, his had 3G plus the BB logo, while I only had GSM which has no BIS. So it might be the device as well, or at least the setting / service book. Hmmm.....
    01-01-10 02:32 AM
  14. darrenz's Avatar
    I have this problem too lately. On and off. But the down time for BIS just few mins and back to normal.
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    01-01-10 05:58 AM
  15. Frenziiman's Avatar
    So its Jan 8th and as of yet no resolution. Seems to happen mainly when the phone is inactive for a long period of time now. Even though the signal is strong where i am.
    01-08-10 11:44 AM
  16. agault's Avatar
    OK. So after escalating the problem through the large company I work for who have direct links inside Bell, I got a call back from 3rd level support today.

    The issue with delayed BBM, delayed email and losing the Blackberry Data connection/icon is a known issue affecting mainly Ontario and Alberta. The issue with the HSPA network and they are currently deploying software updates to the network.

    Ontario is first to be completed, followed by the other provinces with a scheduled completion date for the end of January.

    In the past 24 hours I've actually noticed a big improvement, so hopefully they have deployed it in my area. The tech will also call me back next Wednesday to check on the status.

    He also confirmed that they found that people who replaced their SIM cards were temporarily fixed for a couple of weeks before the problem came back. Which is exactly what happened to me.

    Sounds good folks. By the end of the month we should all have "normal" 9700/9000 Blackberries that don't need a kick
    01-15-10 03:04 PM
  17. thadealer's Avatar
    telus is weak.... network is junk...

    get a new carrier...
    01-16-10 01:07 PM
  18. canadian student's Avatar
    mine disappears from time to time also, but i still get BIS. I just switch to 2G, then back to 3G, and it comes back. Annoying though because i think that RIM servers are down again.
    01-16-10 02:22 PM
  19. bbspawn's Avatar
    I had the same problem yesterday, until I switched themes!!!! I was using Reflect7 Carbon, and the Blackberry icon kept disappearing, alternating between GPRS and nothing. Minute I switched over to another theme the icon has been steady.
    Strange, but true.
    01-18-10 03:59 AM
  20. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    Hey guys, I've noticed this as well but I'm on a storm 2 from Vodafone.
    Ok, I think the cause of this might he the phone accesing the internet directly from the carriers network and not bis.
    For example if I do a search from homepage in the google box it knocks bis off and connects directly trough Vodafone, also happens when playing youtube. The problem is the bis connection doesn't return unless you completely close the browser.
    You guys might have some apps that don't go trough bis.

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    01-18-10 05:37 AM
  21. Frenziiman's Avatar
    I believe in this post previously, all 9700, 9530, and 9550 were included in the same issue.

    Agault - Nice information and thanks for the Follow up, Hope your service is stable now. Mine isnt yet, but I can wait know that i know the issue is being addressed.
    01-18-10 01:26 PM
  22. BBBizzBear's Avatar
    I've been having this issue for the past month. I'm located in Vancouver under the Rogers network.

    The icon disappears and data halts whether I am on wifi or the network. It happens several times an hour, and doesn't seem to be happening solely after inactivity. It's even happening in the middle of browsing now. Battery pulls, Register now (under Host Routing Table) and using the browser temporarily restores data, but it turns off again quite quickly.

    Has anyone encountered a solution for this yet?
    05-05-10 07:39 PM
  23. nascar24jd's Avatar
    I have this issue from time to time. If I see the BB Logo missing, I just go into "Manage Connections", turn off the mobile network for a few seconds, turn it back on, and it reconnects to 3G with the BB Logo.

    AT&T explained it as a network coverage issue.
    05-05-10 08:16 PM
  24. BBBizzBear's Avatar
    That also restores the icon and I get data back, but it's a very, very temporary solution. I will lose the icon again within minutes.
    05-05-10 08:19 PM
  25. vinny jr's Avatar
    Guys, Had the exact same problem over the weekend. Tried everything. My phone always maintained 5 solid 3g bars all the time. Then bang that little icon was gone, my signal strength was going up and down like a yoyo. EDGE, edge,gps, you get the picture. They sent me a NEW device with the new OS already loaded. I'm back to full power with a smile on my face. Since my new phone my signal is strong. Hope we are not having carrier issues, hate going thru all that bull changing phones for nothing.
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    05-06-10 12:10 AM
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