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    I have a Blackberry Bold 9900 which was working fine a week ago but after that it started acting up. At first, the lock button started acting funny and did not function as it normally did but it randomly started working after I slapped it a little. After that, the problem started recurring every couple of hours or so and sometimes it fixed itself and sometimes I had to slap it a little to get it to work properly but recently (3, 4 days ago) the trackpad also started acting funny and slapping was the only that fixed these two. Whenever it starts going crazy, the trackpad/sensor works fine on the homescreen but when I go into the messages app or any other app, up and down doesn't work at all while it works fine at the same time on the homescreen and left and right work fine too. I've researched a bit and I think it may have water-damage, but I don't remember spilling and water on it or using it in rain or a shower or something. I also tried reloading the OS using BSAK but that didn't work as well.

    Can someone please tell me what this could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you for reading
    05-23-13 07:33 PM
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    It does sound like you have some bad connections. It might just be a little loose. There are videos on youtube that that show you how to take your phone apart if you want to try.
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    05-27-13 05:31 PM

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