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    hey guys basically ive had trouble with my 9900 lately it randomly restarted and then at the load up screen it only went to about 70% and stops exactly everytime, even when i restarted etc.. so tried using the loader it didnt work so i tried to use blackberry desktop but it kept restarting and wasnt working saying it needed to be repaired and when i tried it, it fixed it but then when it said waiting for phone to load it would just stop at 70% again and blackberry desktop would just stop and yeah so i wiped my phone completely and it seemed to work and now my blackberry actually turns on, but all my phone contacts etc are all saved on blackberry desktop software and when i plug my phone in to use it, it just restarts and doesnt work :/ saying it needs to be repaired again and just keeps loading then stopping exactly like i explained, what should i do? uninstall and re install desktop software? will that delete everything ive saved on it? or is it my phone im really confused on what to do because i need to use it to get my saved stuff off it, any help id appreciate thankyou guys
    04-01-13 04:27 PM

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