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    I have upgraded by BlackBerry Desktop Software to version Now I'm getting a message that my database is corrupt: "CRTranRec::GetFieldTemplate : Database is corrupt." I spoke to a very nice RIM customer service representative for about 45 minutes to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, when we both thought it was resolved - and long after the phone call - it started happening again. It seems to happen whenever Facebook tries to change a photo on the phone. I've cut this function off but am still having syncing issues. I have almost 2,500 contacts; not all have photos, but that's a lot to delete.

    I'm open to ideas on how to fix this.

    Thank you.
    12-10-12 05:39 PM
  2. wing2299's Avatar
    From Desktop Manager, click Device -> Forget Device, then re-create the sync folder. This has resolved the sync error. BBM sill encounter problem since I updated to BBM 7.1 with voice.
    01-02-13 11:33 AM
  3. mjrc's Avatar
    Thanks for pointing out the BBM with Voice problem. I went into the BBM options and under Miscellaneous at the bottom I unchecked the box "Show animated display pictures" and it is has solved the problem. I no longer receive the syncing error message and was able to complete full sync.
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    01-19-13 10:58 PM
  4. helpbb9900's Avatar
    Dear mjrc,

    i searched my smartphone and the bb desktop manager for "bb options" and "miscellaneous" - you spoke about - , but couldn't find anything! i uploaded all the pictures in my adress book, searched for any contacts that were linked to a facebook account that didn't exist anymore, but unfortunately, still couldn't solve the problem.
    if there's a chance, your way works, i would be so grateful finding a solution =)!
    so could you please describe the way you dealt with it in more detailed steps?
    06-04-13 03:16 PM

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