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    Find BlackBerry font which looks like default blackberry logo...
    Usage: OS7.*

    1. In zip file you will find
    BBDef - Infinus.font
    BBDef - Infinus.ttf

    2. Copy BBDef - Infinus.font file at
    Device Storage>>appdata>>rim>>fonts

    *appdata is hidden folder, if fonts folder doesn't exist, create on.

    3. Once successfully copied, reboot/battery pull device.

    4. To set this font...
    Menu>>Options>>Display>>Screen Display>>Font Family

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    04-08-12 03:00 AM
  2. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this. Really like the font.
    04-08-12 05:05 PM
  3. tre5tackz's Avatar
    Not quite Blackberry, but I like it nonetheless. You should post a link in my thread so people can get here if they like it, and also post a screenshot(I'm too lazy to do it myself).
    04-08-12 05:14 PM
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    Nice font thanks

    Not quite the BlackBerry font but still good

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    04-08-12 05:24 PM
  5. Hotlan Nainggolan's Avatar
    Thanks, but in corel or indesign, i can't use the type of bold or italic. Can you give it too? thanks again.
    05-20-15 08:22 AM