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    This is my first post so here goes! I have a Bold 9780 with T-Mobile currently. I recently had my phone unlocked but I don't see a lot of great providers out there that would allow me to fully utilize the features on my phone. I was considering switching to Simple Mobile and taking the few features at a loss as it would be cheaper. Does anyone know any other GSM service providers on the West Coast besides AT&T and T-Mobile? Prepaid OK too! Help!
    08-06-11 08:35 PM
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    If you bring your t-mo bold to other carriers, you will not have 3G as t-mo uses different frequencies as other carriers. You will just have edge/2g. As for pricing, just have a look around. Some might be cheaper but the carrier might not be as reliable. Just stick to t-mo. They have great plans

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    08-06-11 09:53 PM
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    yup i stick with tmobile ive been through most of the carriers except verizon for business reasons lol but i like tmobile! went from the sidekick, to the memoir, now the blackberry 9780
    08-07-11 12:09 AM