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    OK so ive there have been problems with the bold on orange UK and Orange UK 3G in general.

    is this true?
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    08-25-08 01:33 PM
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    Welcome to the crazy farm. As your info says you have your own Bold on Orange you should be able to test for yourself and post your observations.

    I have been using Orange for 3G data on a PC datacard for 2 years, contract term now ended (4 days ago). It used to be good but for the last year it has been not worth its excessive cost, with slow downloads, regular loss of connectivity, drops to 2G when faced with a chunky data transfer, website content aggressively filtered and compressed to death, overseas roaming no workee when tried. If you think broadband ISPs are bad you should try Orange Mobile - they are pretty desperate for business with existing customers leaving faster than new signups.

    I don't expect Orange to improve, and they will NOT be retaining our company business when we order BB.

    Having said that, make your own judgement - maybe you live and work right next to Orange cell sites and it will provide perfect service.
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    Hi stuart. I've been on orange since my first mobile contract 7 years (I once moved over to O2 for 10 days but was so unimpressed with their customer service that I moved back to orange).

    I've got the Bold on orange and it is a truly incredible phone. There were early problems with dropping calls but they know about this and will replace your phone the following morning (oh god, I sound like one of their sales reps!) with ones that won't.

    Their customer service is, on the whole, very good. It doesn't take long to get through to them (I abhorr tele menu systems "press 2 to take you to another inane message" etc. but orange's is just about ok. And they generally are decent people to talk to and will always get your problem (saying this, they've been pretty lame with my streaming problem on the bold - but it hasn't been out long i suppose)

    Everything works quick and fast on the bold with orange - as it should do.

    The only problem I now have with the phone, and once this is fixed my bold will be PERFECT is that I can't stream from youtube (but i'm sure this will be fixed or sorted out sometime soon)

    Well, there you go, I like orange. they're also a pretty slick company in my eyes. I like their image - simple but effective. They're not the cheapest network but I really rate good customer service and they're worth the bit extra.
    08-25-08 02:49 PM
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    Hey guys. thanks for the extensive response!

    Well i dont have the BOLD yet, its meant to be coming tomorrow but im just not sure if its worth the hassle with Orange, mainly because of this call dropping issue. I mean they are basically offered me 1/3rd of my original contract price as they are so desperate to keep me, and to me thing isnt a good thing as desperation never is.

    What would you guys say is now the most reliable uk 3G mobile phone network in the uk?
    08-25-08 03:04 PM
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    For 3G service it depends where you want to use your BB. Each carrier has different coverage for 3G so you need to find who does your critical locations. All should have coverage maps on their websites.

    Vodaphone has the fastest max data speed - but only in central London and a few airports, otherwise same as the others. My home is right in the middle of a Voda 3G black hole which will never be fixed. If you want roaming data, think 'second mortgage'.

    Orange used to provide good service here but they dropped a few sites and now I struggle to get even GSM connections at home. On the road I find the 3G data signal falls over to 2G so often I have almost given up trying to use it for megabyte-sized data. Customer service good on commercial and UK issues but hopeless about roaming failures.

    O2 used to provide our company service, but had billing problems (unable to merge into single company account) so we migrated away to Orange for one contract. We plan to migrate the integrated account back to O2 soon.

    T-Mobile, no experience but traditionally they have targetted the teen market rather than business.

    3 - good 3G rates but coverage is very limited. Doesn't own a 2G backup, said to roam onto the other UK providers. No commercial experience of 3
    08-25-08 03:36 PM
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    no problems with mine, seems to get a signal where i would expect it to. havent had much in the way of issues with websites either. really like it as a phone.
    08-25-08 03:51 PM
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    had mine a couple of days now.. dont always get 3G but no dropping of connection that I notice.. in saying that mainly been emails and web browsing so far!
    08-25-08 04:12 PM
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    AH ok, well ill give it a go.
    I mean if it keeps dropping on 3G i can always just stick to Edge.

    SO no o is having problems with browsing and such? I suppose i am not a little bit more up beat about this phone!
    08-25-08 04:30 PM
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    Orange's old CEO was sent in by France Telecom to penny pinch. Orange's new CEO is said to be really investing heavily in the network, so things are likely to improve.
    08-25-08 04:34 PM
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    Hi all,

    Only got mine today and had a few loss of 3G issues and some SOS calls only showing but after updating to the newest firmware which can be found on the Forum all those problems have gone. I didn't even lose any of my info as the process backed up and restored everything for me. It really is a very easy process just a couple of clicks delete one file and a little patience is all it takes and seems to have made a real improvement to the Bold.

    08-26-08 08:27 PM
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    Gotta echo the sentiments of the poster above.

    I'd hate for a few problems - seemingly in a few cases by the device not beig fully registered / incorrect tariff etc - to create the false general impression that the Bold ain't anything less than blood excellent.

    I never noticed any issue pre-upgrade, and certainly none since. It amazed me how simple the firmware upgrade was, and how NOTHING was lost.
    08-26-08 08:49 PM
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    ive had my bold for a week now and im seriously impressed with it. Other than the fact that i cant watch youtube videos and it can be annoying when browsing (everything being insanely compressed). I rarely get a loss of signal like i did with my vodafone mobile which lost signal quite frequently.
    08-29-08 08:57 AM
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    Same here the only problems I have is not being able to stream youtube content over 3G network(good with wi-fi though) and bad 3G network coverage in my area.
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