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    Hey guys,

    So I have an unlocked Rogers Blackberry Bold that I am using on Orange right now in the UK. A few weeks ago, I dropped my phone top-first in a pitcher of Cuba Libre (rum, coke, and lime). It got submerged from the screen to the keyboard. Obviously, I promptly pulled it out, dried it off, and let it sit for a few hours in my pockets, taken apart. I put it back in, it was a bit fritsy at first, but gradually got back to normal power. The screen has a bit of a weird tint to parts of it (looks like little drops of water collected behind it), but you only notice that on a white background (as the "smudges" are greyish).

    I read all the forums and the next day put it in rice overnight in the hopes that any damage I had done would be reversed.

    However, now it has this problem where it reboots randomly throughout the day and night...it will just suddenly the screen will go black, then the red LED light for 10 seconds, and then slowly reboot. This happens when I am using it (internet, e-mail, maps, everything), when it is sitting on my desk, when it is in pocket, when it is charging, all the time...there isn't a specific pattern, but here is what I have noticed:
    -it reboots anywhere anytime, EXCEPT when I am listening to music
    -it rarely reboots while I am on the phone
    -It tends to reboot more frequently when it is sitting on its back (the faux leather)

    I have tried:
    - pulling the battery out for a bit
    - a full-reset back to its factory settings (as if it was nuked)
    - the rice trick again
    - updating it to the most frequent OS
    - Having no third-party software (after I did the full-reset)
    - Putting a piece of paper to make sure the battery isn't loose (you couldn't pry the battery out if you tried it was in there so tight)

    Obviously, this kills my battery life and makes my phone practically unusable as I spend most of the day searching for outlets to plug it in to. My last hope is going and buying a new battery...

    this seems like basically my last resort, so I wanted to get your input before I do that...

    I am desparate here...do you have any advice, ideas, tricks?

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