1. Kingdom_Living's Avatar
    Yep I just bought a Blackberry Bold off of ebay for an almost too good to be true price,the Blackberry Bold camera reads disabled by administrative service When trying to access the camera. Just curious is there a way to remove this? The seller said it came from a company where his friend used to work, im assuming they used BES there. Im waiting for it to come in the mail. ill be using it on T-Mobile with a BIS account, should any other issues arise? I have a Program called JL_Commander will the Resettofactory settings tool work to wipe the phone? i dont mind if i loose everything im actually wanting to reset the phone to NEW out of the box condition, thanks Crackberrians lol
    07-19-09 09:20 PM
  2. skygear's Avatar
    yep will work its the security policy
    07-19-09 09:23 PM