08-10-09 03:27 PM
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  1. bianco88's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I had this stupid problem ever since I had my 1st BB 8700.
    I have Bold now, got the same problem. But about 2 months back, I found the "receive by bluetooth" and I could transfer 4 x mp3 songs, size is not a main problem. I even sent 10mb file at one go.

    This happiness didn't last. After I sent over my 4th mp3 from my Nokia, the silly problem came back again. My Nokia phone could send to anyone but not my BB BOLD even I click on "receive by bluetooth".

    To my surprise, I tried my luck again last nite to send my mp3 again, and it worked again. I quickly grab this chance as if it was given by God and sent 14 mp3 files over smoothly. But then again, it FAILED me again after my 14th mp3. This is really pain in the neck.

    I did everything right, but suddenly my Bold get into "bad mood" and refused to received files? There are so many brands of phone in the market that can send files via bluetooth easily, but why BLACKBERRY is so difficult to handle with bluetooth?

    Why BB software is so tough on bluetooth, I really feel frustrated
    getting this kind of problem. Sometime can send, sometime not.
    So now what's the problem? I don't think even BB engineer can answer me.
    05-04-09 11:10 PM
  2. bianco88's Avatar
    Push up, any reply to my problem?
    05-04-09 11:17 PM
  3. chobeiche's Avatar

    Does anyone know how i can send a software file via bluetooth, laptop to the blackberry, for example i wanna send a root certificate from my laptop to my phone, i tried sending it to the media file as it is the only one that has a receive bluetooth option it managed to send it and save it under pictures but i couldnt find it. Also once that is done, how do i add a root certificate to the already pre-installed ones on the blackberry.

    05-19-09 07:13 AM
  4. xamdam's Avatar
    Ok i know you need Bluetooth to be enabled and then pair up the devices and also select data transfer option in order to send and receive.

    My way to get info like this from PC to my Phone or a bluetooth phone to my phone is simple and less headaches.

    If your using a device that is not a PC, hook it up to the PC and trasnfer all that you want to the PC. Then hookup your phone and transfer it all to your phone... .. no bluetooth needed.

    Now in case your not at a PC, well then keep trying bluetooth options, after setting it all up on bluetooth do a battery pull on both phones and see if all is well.

    I don't use bluetooth for transfering, but i use it only for my headset for handsfree in my vehicle.
    05-19-09 08:02 AM
  5. phoenix raiden's Avatar
    OK All - I HAD the exact same problem as the initial post.... ie the Receive Using Bluetooth Option was not there.

    Now here is exactly what to do.....

    1. Turn on your Bluetooth.
    2. I set Discoverable option to YES to be sure of no problems
    3. Scrolled down to services and checked the 'Data Transfer' option.
    4. Go back to the Main Menu
    5. Select Media
    6. Select what you are going to receive - eg Ringtones
    7. Once in Ringtones, I selected 'All Ringtones' (This is because as the inital poster, the Option for Receive using Bluetooth was NOT there)
    8. Once at the screen where you see the list of your current rintones is - press the menu button and you will see the option to 'Receive Using Bluetooth'
    9. Your BB 8900 will then go into waiting for connection. (so start sending from the other device now)
    10. You may be asked for an access code - I used 0000 on both.
    11. You then have to select where you want the file to be saved on the BB and the transfer will begin.

    Here's the annoying part that may have caused people to think you were crazy.....

    ....After doing this once, I now HAVE the option direct from the Media main screen to 'Receive Using Bluetooth' which was what was missing in the first place!!!

    Let me know if this is any use to anyone and I will try and get a sticky noted on the Forum.

    2. I went into

    This one is spot on!

    Mine wasnt set to discoverable! I selected and VOILA!

    Thanks a bunch!
    06-27-09 07:11 PM
  6. Shakez's Avatar
    Hey Everyone ...

    I am having a problems with my BB Bold 9000 ... Whenever i try to connect it to other phones this message appears on the Screen A/V Remote Control has been disabled by your system administrator and i also cannot tick the data transfer option on ... please help me everyone ....
    08-10-09 02:56 PM
  7. cavingjan's Avatar
    Is this a work machine or a home machine?
    08-10-09 03:27 PM
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