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    I've recently switched from a blackberry bold to an iPhone. Before I did that I did a wireless upgrade to my bold from inside the phone itself in the settings menu. I only keep my bold as my prepaid phone, which has a $50 balance that lasts me until next April 2010. It's my backup invade I'm using my iPhone as my gps and I might need to make a phone call while using it. Anyway, I've noticed that the battery life on my bold has suddenly been shot to sh#t. I charged the phone fully on Monday. I left the phone one standby, and when I came home Tuesday morning the phone was completely dead. I had to plug the charger in and wait 10 minutes before it came back in. I've also noticed that I've had to do this after I've left my bold off for about 2 or 3 days after I dully charged it. I none of the other applicatons are running in the background, the wifi is off so I don't know why the battery is dead after a day. It's not that big a deal since it's not my main phone, I like it because it's a little clearer as a phone than my iPhone. But I was thinking of selling it and I don't want there to be any problems with it if I decide to.
    08-07-09 05:35 AM
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    Just an idea if you want to sell it why don't you do a warranty exchange that way it solves your battery prob and allows you to sell it at a higher rate.

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    08-07-09 06:12 AM
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    Selling it is a smarter thing to do. Allow someone with deep pockets and an IQ of 160 to take that Bold from your hands as you seem to be misusing it as a prepaid. Your kind makes me sick.

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    08-07-09 06:15 AM