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    I've recently purchased an unlocked Verizon Blackberry Bold 9930 software version 7.1 bundle 2879, I've also purchased and activated a prepaid Virgin Mobile SIM card. After inserting the SIM, booting up, and trying to send a text message it gives the error "(SMS error 0, Message ID 191) General problems". When trying to place a call a bot will connect and read out "welcome to Verizon wireless, there was an error in processing your call, please power down and try your call again". Another thing to note is that while in the call in the top right corner where it says "My number: xxx-xxx-xxxx" the number is wrong, it reads 701-371-7208. So, I now go through the regular procedures of restarting, popping the battery, reinserting the SIM, factory reset, updating software. I've also tried another working SIM card from a Rogers Blackberry Curve 9360 and have the same thing happen. When trying the Virgin Mobile SIM in the Curve it works perfectly. I've triple checked that the phone is indeed unlocked. Checking the mobile network settings I noticed that when connected it reads "Mobile Network: Verizon Wireless". Same when the Telus SIM is inserted. In the same settings there is the option to choose Network Technology, GSM/UMTS, 1XEV, and Global. I've tried all with no results. Under the Phone Numbers heading in SIM Card settings it reads the correct 613 number of my SIM card, while under Service Status the number is 701-371-7208 like while trying to call. Also in Service Status the Mobile Network heading reads "Coverage: 1x, Provider: Verizon Wireless". So this is all to say that I don't know what the heck to do and can't find anything about it on the usually glorious Google. The most I can understand is that for whatever reason the phone is not connecting to the mobile network of the SIM card. What oh what can I do to make this work?
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    06-09-20 11:33 AM
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    Where are you located? U.S.?, U.K.? Canada?

    The Verizon 9930 was for the CDMA market in the U.S., and while it does support GSM/UMTS bands, they are very limited. The carriers you are trying to use probably just don't have the bands the phone supports - which are 4 GSM (Edge) bands that most carriers have shut down by now, and 2 UMTS (3G) bands (1 and 8).

    Virgin Mobile Canada doesn't support 2G at all and only cover 3G bands 2 and 5, so you'd get nothing at all there. Virgin Mobile UK does have 2G and 3G band 1, that's why I'm asking where you are.
    06-09-20 01:38 PM
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    Doesn't sound unlocked...

    Did you install the service books for these carriers? Do they still offer BIS on prepaid accounts? Reload the OS and remove all vendor files?

    I remember some options for getting Verizon 9930 working on other carriers... going into the eSecreens. I'd suggest you do a search and limit it to the 2011 - 2013 time frame.
    06-09-20 01:42 PM
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    Virgin Mobile runs on the Sprint network, and Sprint hasn't activated BBOS phones for years, discontinued BIS several years ago, and almost certainly doesn't support the radio bands you need anymore, as they've been refarming those older bands to LTE. The only carrier that still officially supports BBOS at all in the US is AT&T, but even they won't activate new BBOS phones anymore because in less than a year, those won't work either.

    The 99x0 phones are 9 years old at this point, and given the pace of the mobile market, it's just not realistic to expect them to be supported anymore.
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    06-11-20 09:52 AM

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