1. Nick Corb's Avatar
    Hello guys
    I have an BB 9900 BOLD white colour.
    First time i use it was AT&T carrier but they unlocked it so it can be sold easily.
    The thing is that it cant boot up.
    I switched it on without my sim
    it booted up but after 3 mins crashed and i couldnt move touch pad or use touch screen.

    After switching it off and trying to open it dontesnt boot up its like the keyboard and panel go white colour
    like they aRe powerd up but the boot up screen dont come up and then it closes and maybe some times staying crashed like this or rebooting.

    Is this software problem some glitch or need update ?

    No red or green light leds are on, battery i guess is ok perfect.
    I connect it to the desktop software and it recognizes the phones its model its serial etc. also it opens the folders of the phone.
    But i cant boot it . i need some help guys im so desperate and i love this phone
    07-17-13 08:52 AM
  2. Skatophilia's Avatar
    Have you talked to AT&T about the problem?
    07-17-13 08:31 PM
  3. Nick Corb's Avatar
    Nope because it is unlocked and i bought it from a friend.
    07-18-13 12:37 PM
  4. Skatophilia's Avatar
    Have you tried to do a wipe and restore using the desktop manager?
    07-24-13 11:11 PM

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