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    Hey Guys..
    It`s my first threat in english.. hope youll understand it..:roll eyes:
    My Problem is: i got my bold 9900 and i have wlan issius..
    Im using an apple airport base / New Version / Software up to date with N Standard..
    The 9900 is connected..! so far, so good...
    but the signal strength is fuc....
    sometimes i have full signal strength, but the most time it`s just 1 of 3 bar`s..

    When i go to work, i turn wlan off.. cause of battery lifetime...
    when i come back, i turn it on. The signal strength is 100% 3 bar`s.

    If i go to bed, i put it in the dock and start the night mode...
    in the morning, when i wake up, i turn the night mode off..
    and now the strength is fuc.... bad.. just 1bar!

    My old bold 9000 never has this problems... every time full signal strength

    My friends bold 9700 & Torch 9800 have no Probs with the airport, too.

    doe`s anyone has the same Prob? Or an Idea what to do?

    I hope my english is not to bad....

    Thx alot

    09-07-11 02:21 PM
  2. krutip15's Avatar

    don't worry so much about your english! Es war wunderbar!

    this isn't the first time that a blackberry has wifi issues with an airport device!

    I have a 9900 on Vodafone DE and also have it using my airport express at home on wifi.

    Because wifi strength can be a little fraglisch, I suggest that when you get a week signal on your phone, check the signal strength on your computer. Not the signal symbol showing that you are in fact connected to your computer, but when you try to connect to a network, and it gives a list of networks, see what the signal strength is amongst the other networks!

    Sometimes, I have better signal strength from other networks than when i'm sitting next to my router! (maybe the curse of alice internet).

    If you find that your signal strength is strong on your computer than your 9900, then I suggest removing the wifi network from your phone, and doing a battery pull. Once your phone has rebooted, try reconfiguring your network again on your blackberry.

    Out of curiosity, have you tried to connect to other wifi networks and experience this same issue?

    Also - when the signal is weak do you find that your data transfers are much slower? sometimes my signal strength has three bars but the data transfer speed remains the same!

    let us know with the results!

    Viel Glck!
    09-12-11 09:55 AM