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    Hi guys, thought you could help, searched all over, can't find a solution!

    My bold 9900 last night decided to become a white screen, with mini icons, and running sluggish, i can't go to some apps. The phone function works, like dialing, but i can't check email or text or bbms!?

    I can use the search function, which i did, and typed wipe, and tried wiping my phone, it went through the process, the introduction screen came with the video on how to use the phone.. but then it came to the home screen, and it was white like before..

    I connect my phone to desktop manager, and it says it needs to be reconnected because of a failure.

    Pictures don't show properly, the loading icon is half cut off. Below is a picture of what my issue looks like.

    Any Suggestions!?

    11-06-11 01:05 PM
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    use bbsak to wipe the phone's OS completely. reinstall the OS using AppLoader with an OS saved locally to your PC's harddrive.
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    11-06-11 06:22 PM