1. louise_podmore's Avatar
    My other phone was stolen so I'm borrowing a blackberry bold 9900 from a friend in the meantime. The phone is two years old and has been unused for the past few months, but was still locked with Bell. I have been using it without a sim card, unconnected to any network just to connect to campus wifi for the past few days and it has been working fine, but today I encountered a problem when I tried to connect to my network (koodo). I took it to the mall where I had it unlocked from Bell by one of those mall kiosks, and then got a new sim card from koodo registered to my account. However, following getting it unlocked and putting in the sim card it would no longer start properly and once I managed to get it on for a minute or so, it turned off and has not turned on since. When it was on I checked the battery level and it was at 40% so that should not be the issue here. Since then, I have had it charging plugged into the wall and my computer. When initially plugged in the LED light holds red for a long time then turns off, and a white battery with a yellow lightning bolt shows up in the center of the screen.
    I have tried to connect it to the computer but the usb connection is not working, which means I also can't reload the OS because it cannot maintain a connection long enough for me to do so.
    Basically my question is, is there any way that getting the phone unlocked could have caused this? Or is it possibly a result of taking out the battery? Or has the phone just kicked the bucket?
    Also any advice would be much appreciated.
    11-15-13 05:31 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Welcome to CB....let's see if we can get you an answer....Bumping...anyone here can help?
    11-16-13 08:56 PM
  3. Actn_Jksn's Avatar
    I had no problems when I personally unlocked my 9900 (from Bell) and I've used a few other sims in it. My question is how do you know it was unlocked? From what I've read there should not be any problems using your Koodo sim.
    11-20-13 01:58 PM

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