1. natasa_nd's Avatar
    I have a BB 9900, service provider is Bell Mobility (Canada) and I'm wondering if I unlock it, will I be able to use it with all service providers in France? My phone says: Bands1,2,5,6 but I'm a little confused at what is used in France. Thank you in advance!
    07-16-14 11:30 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    You should be able to use it for talk and text, but you would need to have a prepaid BlackBerry Internet Service plan to use data services, or wait to connect to Wi-Fi, and even then, some things will be limited without BIS.

    I don't have the information on the available bands, I'll step aside and let other members provide that info.
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    07-16-14 11:38 PM
  3. Damian Montero's Avatar
    What the "bands" is talking about is for "4G" and LTE (so HSPA+)

    If you get a chip in france that DOESN'T have a blackberry plan you'll have text and talk.
    BUT if you have a plan that DOES have blackberry internet (BIS) then you'll be able to use it just fine.
    And WORST case scenario you'll have 2G everywhere (guaranteed) and remember 3G ISN'T everywhere in the world!

    Unlock it anyways. Unlocking costs less than $5 on ebay or on the crackberry list of providers and will make the resell or usability better regardless.
    07-18-14 01:25 PM
  4. Elrohir59's Avatar

    Hello. Yes, if you unlock your BB 9900 you should be able to use it France. The BB 9900 uses UMTS 2100/1900/850/800 Mhz or 2100/1700/900 Mhz bands for HSPA. French carriers use UMTS 2100 and UMTS 900 bands for HSPA so you should be ok. In fact, French carriers also use GSM 900 and GSM 1800 for good ole 2G communications, and the BB 9900 also supports those. Internet research shows that the major ones do support UMTS 2100 are SFR and Orange. Of course, for accuracy you should always check with the local service providers in France.

    I unlocked my BB 9900 (also under Bell Mobility) using the steps in Blackberry Unlock Codes - #1 Source for FREE Unlock Codes. I didn't pay anything.

    I hope this helps.

    07-18-14 06:06 PM

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