1. majick_kid's Avatar
    Hey guys
    I bought a blackberry bold 9700 off of ebay and it arrived yesterday. It is second hand but only a month old. The original black fascia has been replaced with an after-market white one. The phone has also been unlocked from Vodaphone. I've spent all of last night trying to franticly make it vibrate playing around with all of the sound and vibrate settings in profiles but it just will not vibrate. I've read through many threads and posts and have tried all suggestions and as far as I could find I'm the only one with a phone that doesn't vibrate at all, ever. It rings loud and clear but no vibration at all despite being set to vibrate and ring. I know that sometimes there's a delay on the vibrate after the ring but this just doesn't vibrate at all and hasnt since I opened my parcel. Could it possibly be to do with having an after-market fascia on it? I don't think this is very likely as only the battery cover, lock button, screen surround and keyboard have been changed to white. Or could this be software related. Someone please help. I'm already to feel slightly let down by what should be a superb phone!
    Thanks for your time!
    08-07-10 06:37 AM
  2. cherryjuice's Avatar
    no your vibrate function is broken and probably why is was sold after a "month". ypu cpuld resell it or pay to have it fixed> sorry you got screwed. did you use paypal by chance? if so you could always make a claim and get ur money back..
    08-07-10 09:34 PM
  3. Steph010's Avatar
    Did they mention the phone is not able to vibrate on the auction page? If not, you should contact the seller demanding a refund. If they refuse, open a SNAD case.
    08-07-10 09:54 PM