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    Can any of you Tech people help me with a problem with the Bold 9000. The story is I got a Z10 from Mobile3 (UK) on contract. Next day 3 rang to say my wife could have a great deal on contract, which turned out to be a brand new Xperia and not having a smart phone before I thought I was doing her a good turn, however she really hates this phone as she finds it difficult to navigate on and so do I compared to the Z10. As I already had 3 previous contracts with 3 uk I had a Blackberry Bold 9000 and a Torch 9600. So I switched her sim card from the Xperia to the Bold 9000 and it works fine on phone calls and txts but I cant gat internet on it dispite haveing a contract for all you can eat data. I called 3 and they said that the internet wont work on the older Blackberrys because they were tied to them for which you had a small payment to make for the internet come from them. So the question is, Is there anyway round this problem?? because 3 says I can get the internet on any other phone apart from the older Blackberrys??. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers Gerry
    10-29-13 01:47 PM
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    Legacy devices need BIS. I am sorry if the 3 person was not capable of telling you this properly.

    Call back and have them: activate "the BlackBerry plan" on her line.
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    10-29-13 04:46 PM
  3. geraldryan's Avatar
    Many thanks for your reply it is very much appreciated. The person from 3 mobile told me that they would pass this problem to their team and when Blackberry removed the charge?? from the older device BIS? they would let me know. But to use the sim card in any other phone!!!! but the older Blackberry. Gerry
    10-30-13 07:10 AM
  4. abhishek822's Avatar
    11-23-13 04:36 AM

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