1. austuccia's Avatar
    Hey everyone,
    My blackberry has this problem with battery level, that sometimes after taking 1-2 photos it shows it is totally drained, but SOMETIMES it still works for few hours with the 'red battery alarm' on. I bought a new battery, thinking it was problem of the old one, but happens exactly the same thing with the new one as well. Same also not just with photos, happens if i turn on 3g network, google maps or something, it drains in few minutes from full to 0. Now just happened that it was appearing still half full, but then the 'battery too low for radio usage' alert turned on, still showing it is half full.
    another problem happening from time to time when taking photos: it restarts while taking it.
    i am not sure if it is a problem of software or hardware.
    any advices how to fix it are welcome,
    05-10-13 09:36 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    change your OS
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    05-11-13 11:53 AM
  3. Legal Eagle's Avatar
    change your OS
    And do a wipe as part of the OS update.
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    05-11-13 12:29 PM
  4. CurveDock's Avatar
    I've had this problem too,whenever I turn on 3G it will show up a message saying the device is too low for radio.

    SOLUTION: Wipe your OS and install a fresh, new one.
    05-11-13 09:12 PM

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