1. RareBreed1218's Avatar
    I'm looking to change my standard sliver bezel on my Bold to the black one. My standard is all beat up scratchs and gashes. I wanted to know if there is anywhere out there that can switch them for me with voiding my warranty on my Bold? Also while keeping the At&t logo on the front bottom piece.Thanks
    06-06-09 06:57 PM
  2. trdtrung's Avatar
    if you do a search you'll find countless threads on information. if you take your phone apart you'll void the warranty unless you can keep the warranty sticker on. the bottom where the att logo is printed is not one piece with the bezel so you can order just the bezel and keep your bottom piece
    06-06-09 07:21 PM
  3. RareBreed1218's Avatar
    Is there anyway to keep that sticker on while still replacing the Bezel?
    06-06-09 07:28 PM
  4. msaririan's Avatar
    Is there anyway to keep that sticker on while still replacing the Bezel?
    The sticker needs to be lifted from the screw. Some people have had success in doing so using by using a blow dryer to pre-heat the sticker and then using a fine blade and tweezers to gently peel it off.

    Honestly, if your Bold works fine out of the box, you have nothing to worry about and the warranty "worries" is a much to do about nothing. I changed my bezel twice and never once thought of the warranty.

    If you want, I just purchased a black bezel from Ebay from pmonmon (arrived yesterday) that I have elected not to install. It's in the original packaging and you can have it at a discount from the Ebay price. It does not come with a bottom case cover so its perfect for your needs as you intend to keep your att logo anyway... send me a msg if interested.
    06-07-09 02:19 AM
  5. Maliberti's Avatar
    Use a safety pin to lift up the sticker.
    I have used that method on my Curve, Storm (3xs) and never had issues
    06-07-09 02:37 AM