1. crigga84's Avatar
    Had my Bold 9900 for 3 weeks. No serious problems with it to begin with. All has been running perfectly this past week. No bugs to report at all.

    Today I notice my signal is "SOS" on-and-off for a while so I take the battery and sim-card out and put them back in. The white boot screen bar went all the way to the right, the hour glass appeared at the top-left corner and then the screen went dark then the red LED came on and it restarted and repeated itself, like...forever. My face sank.

    I did a wipe and reinstall of .296 (previously using .353) and now I have things back to the way they were. Few bugs in .296 though.

    Been a horror of a day though.
    09-04-11 01:21 PM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    Thank goodness with BB in hand issues like you report can be rectified with some patience and effort. Not a 9900 owner but been there done that with other models. Was not there a feeling of accomplishment when a working device was back in hand?
    09-04-11 04:07 PM
  3. joewoo's Avatar
    maybe its a conflicting program
    09-04-11 04:59 PM
  4. 2wheeltim's Avatar
    I've had the SOS thing a couple times now, and found if you shut WiFi and the radio off, and then restart just the radio, it will come back. Then you can start WiFi again if u want no problems.

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    09-04-11 05:24 PM
  5. Sharma15's Avatar
    I had the SOS thing and i believe its the carrier. i switched to 2g for the mean time and no sos at all. 2g + wifi is just as good as h+
    09-04-11 05:48 PM
  6. VVoltz's Avatar
    Glad to hear everything's working now. What was the last thing you installed before running into that issue?
    09-04-11 06:31 PM