1. akblackberry's Avatar
    I just tried to log in my phone and the web site said to call an 800 number.

    I bought my phone from a guy off Clist and I am thinking he will need to release the pin so I can add my email? Can any one release my pin for me?

    08-15-09 11:53 AM
  2. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Call your carrier first, see what the issue is.
    08-15-09 11:55 AM
  3. laollis's Avatar
    Call the guy on Clist and have him call AT&T.
    08-15-09 11:56 AM
  4. akblackberry's Avatar
    I did and ATT is updateing there network!! The rep could only do verbal assistance..
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    08-15-09 11:57 AM
  5. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    If they are updating the network, you might have to wait. Which 800 number did it give you? Was it the AT&T number?
    08-15-09 11:58 AM
  6. akblackberry's Avatar
    Might have to do that. I wil send him an email.
    08-15-09 11:58 AM
  7. akblackberry's Avatar
    18003310500bgot it off the BIS page
    08-15-09 12:01 PM
  8. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Thats AT&T. The issue is on the AT&T side.
    08-15-09 12:05 PM
  9. akblackberry's Avatar
    Right I am guessing the PIN will have to be released. I once bought a Storm from a Clister and went round and round to get the pin released. I guess he didnt want to call due to his bill not being current.

    I hope I dont go through that again...
    08-15-09 12:09 PM
  10. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Just inform AT&T that you purchased the phone second hand and need to have the PIN replaced. They should be able to connect you to RIM support to have it done.
    08-15-09 12:10 PM
  11. akblackberry's Avatar
    will do. Going in now!!
    08-15-09 12:14 PM
  12. akblackberry's Avatar
    Well att switched my iphone data to BB data. But I am only getting the enterprise server option on the BB. I am trying to load up a gmail acc.
    08-15-09 12:50 PM