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    Hello all,

    I stumbled across some info yesterday claiming that you can now sync calendar and contacts OTA via a google account. I am surprised I did not know about this however as the google sync app is so unreliable it sounds very interesting. The question is how do I get this working?

    I already have 2 googlemail accounts on my BB and whilst I noticed that a sent item from my mac appears on my BB (a good thing) I cannot see any option to sync calendar or contacts anywhere.

    On my 9780 I can only add new accounts on the device itself and have no web login, the email setup app on my BB does not work (a known issue I believe) however I can go to mobile.blackberry.com from my device and that works fine. I also re-added my gmail account yesterday using the google specific option.

    Any info on this greatly appreciated.


    07-25-11 02:43 AM
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    Edit the email account settings on the device, scroll down to "Synchronization Options", and make sure that "Calendar", "Contacts" and "Deleted Items" are selected. Save and enter your GMail PW when prompted. If memory serves me correct though, you can only wirelessly sync 1 "Contact" list. Gonna test this myself here in a bit.

    Edit 1. Oh, just noticed the lack of setup capability from the device. Have to get that resolved first...

    Edit 2. Looks like Contacts can be synced with multiple accounts, not Calendar.
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    07-25-11 06:28 AM
  3. neil74's Avatar

    The problem then it seems is that I cannot access BIS off of the device. I cannot see any sync options when setting up on my BB.
    07-25-11 07:49 AM
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    I installed the google sync app on my BB 9780 and had no problems so far. Just followed the setting instructions and everything went ok. The only thing is that it seems to be a one way street, i.e., only the contacts and calendar of the google account override the settings of the telephone but not the other way round. This seems pretty absurd so it's probably me doing something wrong. At present if I want to change the information on the google account I have first to sync the telephone with Outlook and then export a csv file to the google account, overriding everything there. This is not the way it should be done, I guess.
    07-26-11 06:57 AM
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    Google sync only syncs the calendar for me, I get an error every time I try and sync contacts. It would seem that this BIS sync will work but as I say all the time my on-device email setup will not work I cannot use it which is bl**dy annoying!

    This is the one thing that I miss from my iPhone, syncing everything with mobileme was a piece of cake, it just worked.
    07-26-11 08:59 AM