1. Zed Leppelin's Avatar
    Is Bing as integral to OS7 as RIM made it out to be? Also, is the search from lockscreen feature they showed off present? I haven't seen anyone mention it...
    08-10-11 07:53 PM
  2. Fr3lncr's Avatar
    The only element of Bing I have seen is it is the default search engine in the browser. That's it so far. And it is easy to change.

    And, no, there is no lock screen search function... yet. Maybe it will be on one of the other carrier OS's, but not so far with Rogers.
    08-10-11 08:08 PM
  3. Zed Leppelin's Avatar
    Thanks for the answer. Hopefully it will be out soon with an update. It looks like it would be very useful

    If anyone is curious this is the functionality I was wondering about:
    08-10-11 08:43 PM
  4. pblakk's Avatar
    Just as a side note, on my Tour ever since I first installed Bing I've never looked back to google maps. Bing is soo much better and faster! I wouldn't mind browser or other integration at all.

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    08-10-11 09:22 PM