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    I did a backup through the BB official software and got all my settings and contacts copied over to the computer. The old phone had to go and Orange came with a new phone.

    Phone remains the same model (the 9700 Bold) but software is 6.0 instead of the 5.0

    I successfully restore all settings, contacts and everything works, except for email.

    Under Email -> Option -> Email Account Management it gives me the following:

    A new Blackberry device has been detected. You must move your email account(s) to receive email on this device. To move an email account, you will need to type the email account password. At least one email account must be moved to set up email on this service.

    Next step prompts me for password and it even says Device change successful. I enter password and then wait. After all seems to be going through perfectly, email still doesnt work.

    I appreciate anyone that knows what to do about this issue. I cant seem to figure it out and I cant even seem to flush anything that has to do with this email account so that I can at least start over again.
    08-07-11 08:06 PM
  2. insanekronic's Avatar
    I'd try restoring the data over the phone again and see if it works. I had one time where when I first restored the data all my emails weren't working. If that doesn't work try wiping and reinstalling
    08-07-11 08:09 PM
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    It wont work, because the application states that it is a new phone and that the new phone needs to have the old phone's email "ported" over in order to be authorized to use the particular email address. So it has to be working on the new phone.
    08-07-11 08:38 PM
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    When I moved my stuff over last month from an 8520 to a 9700 I had to delete both email addresses and readd them to get them to work. You wont have any of your older messages but you could try that?
    08-07-11 08:56 PM
  5. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Did you release the old PIN before registering the new 9700's PIN?
    Have you tried resending the servicebooks and registered the device via Options and typing Serviebook, or typing host Routing Table?

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    08-08-11 03:23 AM
  6. Android30User's Avatar
    If releasing the old PIN is done on the old device that is too late. Orange already took the phone when they came with the replacement. I will try the other thing you mentioned and get back here with updates.
    08-08-11 06:05 AM