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    BlackBerry Bold set to be released on AT&T on October 2nd? : Boy Genius Report

    bgr is generally consistent and reliable, though even they said that this is not 100% confirmed. based on what phonegeek's saying plus logic-- aka 3 weeks after the final software release to flash and brand a significant number of units-- this is very reasonable. i am inclined to believe it, though with the bold, anything can happen.
    08-29-08 05:27 AM
  2. Jackal's Avatar
    Thank goodness we have something to finally work with here. So many freakin dates have been flying around lately its hard to tell what's right. Nov 4. Sept 12. At least BGR has some credibility when they say Oct. 2nd. Opposed to Gizmodo who got their info from "at&t store dudes." I have a feeling that this one will be pretty much on the money. This is largely based on how the field testers find the new OS build Hopefully phonegeek will fill us in around the 9/9 date when they have to submit their report on the new OS. I'd trust this one guys, the boy genius knows his stuff.

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    08-29-08 07:42 AM
  3. pltaylor's Avatar
    I thought it would be sooner but with the 3g and browser issues....
    08-29-08 07:44 AM
  4. Jackal's Avatar
    I kinda want to kick this to the top and get the rumormill churning. Alotta people might have missed this this morning. I'd say pending the success of OS .134 this should be on target. Perhaps sooner, phonegeek hinted at the marketing team wanting to accelerate and push forward their dates as much as they could. Presumably the Thursday-Monday rule being in effect. They release the device on a thursday limited availability then on day 5 (monday) they're stocked up and ready to go.
    08-29-08 04:51 PM