1. mohawk apple's Avatar
    I would like to know what is the best os.6 for the 9700 ?
    My buddy wants to update his bold, I'm not sure what one to go with. Thanks

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    08-26-11 04:16 PM
  2. andyahs's Avatar
    The 'best' will vary from phone to phone but the latest is .650 and running fine for me.

    08-26-11 04:30 PM
  3. dangerousfen's Avatar
    Only just downloaded 650. Haven't installed it yet so can't comment but 615 is really good after shrinking. Not much drop in memory. Battery life great and very stable.
    08-26-11 05:46 PM
  4. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Latest and greatest: ( for me is stable and good battery life too)
    Rock solid stable, latest OS 5:

    Best for me was and

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    08-26-11 07:29 PM
  5. jokeracing's Avatar
    I just updated my phone to .650 and now I tried uploading a video to youtube and it keeps telling me my service provider doesnt allow it?? I am on mobilicity and was running another build and never had this happen?? does anyone else have this problem?? apparently it says now only upload thru wifi??


    08-26-11 10:40 PM