1. Redouan El Boujoufi's Avatar
    Which are the best apps for Blackberry Bold 9780?
    Tell me !
    02-01-13 04:33 PM
  2. Pettson's Avatar
    For us without data plan ???????

    Tell me !
    07-24-13 11:24 AM
  3. Pettson's Avatar
    Bloomberg Mobile
    GPS Map Free

    ....continue searching....
    07-24-13 12:15 PM
  4. emvuatt's Avatar
    Wat ur pin so I send u application paid once

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9780 using Tapatalk
    07-26-13 05:42 PM
  5. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    Don't leave pins and email addresses in these posts as spammers WILL pick them up and hassle you on them. If you must exchange PINs and email addresses do that via the PM system. And then only do it with someone you know and trust unless you want a ton of spam.
    crackberry_chang likes this.
    07-29-13 12:35 PM
  6. Pettson's Avatar
    Opera webbrowser
    Google plus
    Player for Youtube
    QR Scanner

    ..... any tips ????
    09-23-13 08:18 AM
  7. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    I had WhatsApp, but it's non-functional now since I tried to upgrade it about six months ago.

    I like;
    BlackBerry Travel
    HootSuite (used to use UberSocial but prefer HootSuite - combines FaceBook, Linkedin, and Twitter)
    Open Table (for Dinner Reservations)
    Kayak (for Travel Reservations)
    Tim Hortons (and I'm NOT even CANADIAN!)
    BloomBerg Mobile
    Message Preview (my fave by far - I just gotta see glimpses of emails and texts as they come in)
    SideSwipe (closest thing to Flipboard you can get on a Legacy BlackBerry)
    TuneIn Radio (a must for me - since there is no "Monocle 24" app on BlackBerry)
    My Smoothie (SmoothieKing Store Frequent Customer App)

    I used to have a few more, but tried to upgrade them and lost them. I have not had a working "Appworld" for a while now since that got overhauled and upgraded, but the apps I have are fine and will last me until this phone is put to rest eternally.

    TradeKing (my favorite online brokerage company) used to have an app for online trading, but they stopped supporting it on BlackBerry.
    Also, Chase Bank recently stopped offering a Legacy Berry App. BOO! HISS!
    I switched my banking to WellsFargo since they STILL have an app for legacy Berry. Unfortunately, no mobile deposit on Berry. Android and iPhone only. Maybe Windows phone too.

    That's all folks.

    Forgot Nobex Contacts. Love it. Great auto contact capture app for BlackBerry. It has me spoiled. If you are not a heavy email/networking guy, may not be a big deal for you. Huge deal for me.
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    09-25-13 11:04 PM

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