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    I am "BerrySitting" a friends's Bold to see if I can improve its reliability. My Friend says he has 2 Bolds that will reboot randomly and give Java errors and Not pass the security measures at startup. So far I have not seen this...Is this/Was this an issue? Please Help me Help! Thanks for the good answers in advance!

    The Bold had an outdated OS version...I think .167? Performing the upgrade now to the latest official AT&T OS
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    That should fix the issues. When I had the stock OS my Bold came with (.167) I encountered the security issue you stated but, after doing some research on here I found out that was due to the Precision Silver theme so I deleted it. The Java issues were fixed with an OS update currently I'm running .266, sure the VVM notification doesn't work but I've gotten used to it I barely talk on it as is, I prefer BlackBerry Messenger. Either way I still receive my VM's and it's the most stable OS that's worked for me, to each it's own right? I've also deleted any apps I will never use for memory sake. All in all the only issue I have encountered every once in a blue moon is black bars that go horizontal across my screen but, a reset fixes that. I'm gonna wait for 5.0 to come out officially before I update again. If it's not broke, don't fix it. Hopefully you got the bugs all worked out for your friend's Bold. If not this site is awesome for finding fixes everyone on here is very knowledgeable and friendly to assist one another!

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